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Cressi Sub Dive Center Tenerife


Jest centrum nurkowym na zachodnio-południowym wybrzeżu Teneryfy. Co ciekawe, jest to pierwsza polska baza nurkowa na wyspie, prowadzona w naszym rodzimym języku. Oferujemy szereg podwodnych safari w najciekawszych miejscach Teneryfy. Nurkowania przygotowujemy i dostosowujemy zarówno dla osób początkujących, jak i dla zaawansowanych nurków.

Service Cressi


Do you have any problems with his diving equipment. We will help and advise in solving problems.
We will check and perform the necessary tests your hardware,  we will also make the necessary adjustments.
We will also fully professional service of your diving equipment. We make the necessary repairs.

Our boat


Our diving centre is in possession of a pontoon boat (a rib )Valiant DR 750. This is the boat for 12 persons, length of 6 meters, and the power of 150km. Tenerife and the diving schools are working only on (a rib )pontoon boats, high speed, which in a very short time to allow us to reach the diving site. We do not work on yachts or large catamaran as in Egypt. Every year, our equipment is subject to strict testing and research.

Patrons of Cressi

Our dive centre is affiliated with the italian company Cressi which produces top quality diving equipement. We are also a distributor and dealer of Cressi products and equipment in Tenerife.


The patron is the DAN insurance


Our partner